Oíche Shamhna Sunset Lough Lannagh

Three years ago, on Hollows eve, I was doing the usual evening rush so that we were ready in time for trick or treating.
A look at the skies took my breath away. It was awesome.

My little girl is always on board when a photo shoot happens, and I was lucky to have my camera with me.
So we rushed down to the lake, I was determined to capture the beautiful sunset. It didn’t disappoint.

So then I asked my willing model to strike a few poses. Without any more prompting, this is what she gave me…not bad for a six year old!

There were some people there with the same idea as me, to capture the magnificent sunset, some bemoaning not having a camera. Yet others were standing in awe of this beautiful Oíche Shamhna feast for the eyes. One thing for sure, none had the model I had been blessed with!

I often look back on these images, amazed at the silhouette of my daughter, emblazoned forever against the Oíche Shamhna sunset. I’ve been so fascinated by the outline of her silhouette with the brilliant colours behind her, that I have since painted a version of it.

After 15 minutes, the vibrant colours suddenly drained from the skies and we were left with the cool blue/grey/purple skies with a hint of orange remaining.

Lannagh orange skies

Lannagh Sunset close up

Lough Lannagh Cool Tones


Painting of Lough Lannagh Sunset:



    1. Thanks Anne, we have such beautiful scenery on our doorstep to help make those memories

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